First round of judging takes place on the first day of the show, starting at 09:00hrs and will be completed by the end of day one. After your truck is judged, a sticker will be placed on it in a prominent position. The judges normally work in one or two groups to ensure that trucks are not missed. It is very important that you book in and collect your competition number to display as early as possible. This means that at the end of day one they can check that all booked in trucks have been judged. IF YOU DO NOT CHECK IN YOU WILL NOT BE JUDGED.

The first check is operator’s licence (where applicable). Judges will go no further if it is not displayed or out of date on a working truck. The scoring is divided into four parts – Cab interior, Power unit, Exterior and Chassis area.

Power Unit: Cleanliness.

Exterior: Cleanliness and condition eg stone chips, scuffs, flies under grill, and damage to windscreens.

Chassis area: Cleanliness eg under fifth wheel, inside chassis rails, inside and under body bearers, inside wheels etc. Please note the truck entry rules and regulations, no wheels are to be removed whilst on site for cleaning purposes in accordance with H&S Policy.

Cab Interior (SECOND ROUND JUDGING ONLY): Cleanliness overall condition (it is taken into account if you are living in unit at the show) If cab is inaccessible, the judge will view what he can and give a score reflected from the overall condition of the truck.

The chassis area is the most common place where points are lost.

For classic/vintage categories, points may also be lost through lack of originality eg bull bars, stacks etc fitted to inappropriate vehicles.

On the second round of judging all categories are viewed individually, with the top 25% being re-judged. On this round, judges will take mileage into account and age of vehicle.

Vehicles entered into the fleet category are scored slightly differently on the second day. All of day one’s scores are totalled, then divided by the number of trucks entered in that particular fleet, giving an average score. The fleets are revisited and viewed as a whole. This means that a fleet entry may be let down by one or two badly presented trucks.