Check out the Trucks already confirmed for Truckfest Peterborough


Look who’s attending Truckfest Peterborough 2020!

Each year, thousands of trucks gather to the biggest trucking festival in the UK – Truckfest Peterborough. So far, this year is no exception, with a whole cast of trucks who have already confirmed they are attending, and many more in the works. Check out the list of friends, old and new, who will be spending the weekend with us;

Stanian Transport Ltd
Loades Movement
Peacock Transport
Country Crafts and Restorations
Ace Crane Haulage
David Philp Commercials Ltd
Jack Poulton and Sons Ltd
NYR Group
Tears Recovery
Warne Transport
Colin Woods
Andrew Gratton
Robert Dulieu

Have a truck and want to be a part of the action?

If you’d like to meet those already attending, enjoy a weekend full of entertainment, and show off your own rig, make sure to book your truck in and secure your space today.

Truck-lover without the wheels? Do not fear! You can grab your tickets here: