Oklahoma Willy ‘Jet Bus’ Returns to Truckfest 2020



Originally built in 1958, this VW pick up spent most of her life on a farm in Oklahoma. Over the last 4 years the truck has undergone a total nut and bolt restoration and has been re-engineered to cope with the power of the 5000 BHP turbine and also introduce modern components including air suspension, rear IRS, drilled and vented dual circuit disc brakes, rack & pinion steering & a completely new 1955cc race spec engine with Freeway flyer gearbox. The bodywork is mostly new, with 67 panels having been replaced. The bus is ROAD LEGAL and regularly driven



The Rolls Royce Viper 535 jet engine, or gas turbine to use the correct name, was originally the power plant in a BAC Strike Master light fighter jet that spent its working life in the Omani Royal Airforce. The turbine has been totally stripped and rebuilt and an afterburner has been added to produce 45 – 50% extra power. Maximum Power output is just under 5000 lbs. of thrust which can be roughly translated to 5000 BHP. The engine burns 31 gallons per minute on full power.

If all potential power was utilized the jet would propel the bus up the ¼ mile in approximately 6 seconds with a terminal speed of 250mph. However the bus has been built to show rather than compete in serious racing, the lack of air wings and fins (Which would spoil the look) along with the elevated position of the turbine mean the bus would be potentially unstable at high speeds, so only relatively low speed DEMONSTRATION passes are made.


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