In 1983 we created the first ever UK truck show in the form of Truckfest. Our first Truckfest was held in the snow (believe it or not) at Newark Showground and despite the dreadful weather thousands of truckers and their families turned out to support us and encourage us to make it an annual event.

In 1985 we were invited to bring Truckfest to Shepton Mallet and from the word go, it too was a resounding success with over 1,000 Truckers and their trucks attending. For many of us involved with Truckfest our families grew up seeing Shepton as part of their life. Shepton became our second home - we loved the venue and we loved the people we met. We made many friends. Indeed we stayed at Shepton for over thirty years... it is part of our history, but we never intended it to be "history".

Unfortunately a few years ago our regular annual date was no longer available which came as a massive blow to the whole Truckfest team, we didn't want to leave... far from it! We were shattered with the news. Since our temporary abscence we've been in touch with the Royal Bath & West Showground to return and now we are so excited and delighted to be returning "home".

This time we will be attending in September but we have no doubt that given time Shepton Mallet will be back to its former glory, we will be welcoming back everyone of our old friends and supporters and likewise opening our doors to new customers. As Shepton was once described ..."It's the Glastonbury for trucks"! So now we are back long may it continue....

Truckfest at Shepton Mallet

We're coming home to Shepton!

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James Dylan's

Stunt World

Performing death defying stunts throughout the weekend. Find out more >

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Monster Truck Car Crushing

Swamp Thing VS Slingshot

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Ice Road Truckers

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Todd Dewey returns to commentate our Main Arena!

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Steve Graham comes to

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