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1) Trucks must be checked in to be judged – this will be in a separate area of the Showground, not when you arrive at the gate


2) All vehicles must be working trucks and have current road tax, tyres to legal requirements and an ‘O’ licence (except Vintage and Heritage, Supertrucks and Light Commercial)


3) All vehicles entering the Showground must carry insurance to a minimum of third party cover


4) Competitors must be aware that the use of air horns is forbidden between 23:00hrs – 07:00hrs in accordance with Part III of the Environmental Protection Act 1990


5) Health and Safety is our first policy at all the Truckfest events, we would ask that there is no vehicle movement to take place without the assistance of a Truckfest Steward


6) In accordance with our H&S policy, no wheels are to be removed whilst onsite, judging will reflect this new policy.  Judges are entitled to disqualify.


7) Event officials must be informed if your vehicle gets stuck, please contact Event Control


8) Judging will take place over a 2 day period, a sticker will be placed on your windscreen once your vehicle has been judged.  The judges’ decision is final


9) Second round judging will be finished by 12:00hrs noon on the second show day


10) If your vehicle has not been judged by 10:00hrs on the second show day please contact Event Control


11) Entry into ‘Single Operator’, ‘Company Owned’, ‘Rigid/Tipper’, ‘New’, ‘Senior’ and where applicable ‘Scottish Working’ will include entry into the overall category ‘Best In Show’


12) ‘Vintage and Heritage’ vehicles must be registered pre 1996


13) ‘Senior’ vehicles must be registered between 1996 and 2005


14) ‘New’ category is only open to vehicles under 1 year on the date of the show


15) ‘Single Operator’ can only be entered by an Owner Operator of one vehicle


16) ‘Light Commerical’ must be working vehicles, under 7.5ton gross weight and can only enter Light Commercial


17) All shows, ‘Fleet’ is for 2 or more vehicles attending and must be booked on one booking


18) ‘Scottish Working’ is only open to Scottish operators


19) ‘Amercian/Supertruck’, ‘Non-Working Show Truck’ and ‘Light Commercial’ there will only be a trophy for the winner


20) ‘Senior’ there will be a trophy for the winner with prize money


21) ‘Vintage and Heritage’ there will be a trophy for 1st, 2nd and 3rd but no prize money


22) Entry fee includes tickets for the weekend for driver, one adult passenger and 2 children (Under 15’s free of charge).  Please note that 2 child tickets CANNOT be exchanged for 1 adult


23) Only one caravan OR support vehicle allowed per truck entered (at a cost)


24) Bookings are welcome on the day subject to circumstances and availability


25) No trailers on site unless with prior arrangement, there will be NO trailer parking on site at Truckfest Peterborough.  Trailer parking is at Kate’s Cabin and Stibbington Café.  The cost is £20 for all other Truckfest Shows.  Please note trailers are parked at your own risk


26) Trophies will be awarded in the main arena (Weather dependant) on the second show day at all Truckfest events except Truckfest Peterborough.  This will take place on the plaza area by the big screen


27) To ensure your entry is included within the programme listings, you will need to make sure that your booking is with us at least 3 weeks before the event


28) If you wish to enter the Light Parade at Truckfest Peterborough only, please email with your registration number, company name, mobile number and a picture of the vehicle at least two weeks prior to the event


29) Supertruck entries – American trucks only, no pick up type vehicles


30) The distribution of leaflets, posters or other billing materials and conducts of business, from or outside the confines of your truck parking area is forbidden at the venue.  Except by written permission from the event organisers


31) No refunds given


32) Judging forms will not be available


33) The judges’ decision is final







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