Monster Truck Slingshot is based in Newark, Nottinghamshire it was built in 2006 by the family, Karl Swallow being the original driver who sadly passed away in 2012, where is nephew Alan Vaughan took over driving at the age of 18 becoming the youngest driver in Europe. It has a Chevrolet 2004 body on it. Slingshot has a methanol injected big block engine, developing an estimated 1800 break horse power, only doing 54 yards to 1 gallon. It has a cone 2 speed semi-automatic gear box, F106 centres (American school bus,) Clark military planetary and a rock well differential. On board Slingshot has two fire extinguishers one of which is hand held the other one is piped up to the engine where either the driver can set it off from the cab or the crew outside can set it off if necessary.

The seat is custom made to Alan's height and weight and is made from solid aluminium there is a 5 point harness to hold Alan securely in the seat. Two crew members on the ground have RII remote ignition interrupt or so if they see a problem they can kill the engine from the ground. Slingshot is 11 foot 6 inch wide, 18.6 feet long, and it weighs 5 tonne, it is approximately 12 foot tall. Slingshot's tyres are 66" agricultural flotation tyres, which weigh approx, 1/2 tonne each and cost £2000 each. The suspension is nitrogen filled racesource shocks with 26" travel in the front and 30" in the rear.

Catch Alan Vaughan driving Slingshot at the following events in 2018: