The Mac Tools Cruiser is Europe's number one ride truck, having toured extensively throughout the UK and Europe since 2014.

The Mac Tools Cruiser is the oldest working monster truck in Europe and still wows fans with its old school looks and old school thrills!

Starting life in the Canada, the Cruiser was just a regular Dodge Ram pickup truck. Over the years the owner decided that it just wasn't quite big enough, and the truck got bigger and BIGGER! It started its competition life as Desperado, and back in the 1980s it was one of the trucks to beat.

As monster truck technology moved on Desperado got left behind, but having such a strong pedigree there was a keen appetite from the American monster truck faithful for Desperado to live on, and live on it did. It transformed from thrilling thousands of people by crushing cars, to giving them the ride of their lives!

Moving to the UK brought about a name change and the loss of the iconic burgundy paint scheme that was synonymous with the Desperado name. The truck was then known as Mudzerella.

In the summer of 2013 Nigel Morris of Bigfoot brought Mudzerella and decided to put her to work once again in the UK. Completing a small tour towards the end of 2013 the truck performed as if it was a few years old, not nearly 30!

Despite the great reception the truck achieved in its first touring season, the perfectionist within Nigel wanted the truck to look as good as possible, and in the winter of 2013/14 the truck had another overhaul, this time emerging from the Bigfoot workshop with a gleaming new bright and shiny red paint scheme set off by the shining black chassis. Whilst in the workshop the old and tired cab interior was also taken out, and a more purposeful interior fitted.

This dramatic visual transformation might have been enough for some, but the Cruiser team decided that a full mechanical overhaul was just polite for such an old truck! The truck received an engine rebuild, new ignition system, new fuel pumps & carburettor. K&N supplied one of their patented flow charger filters The Cruiser also got a new transmission, custom radiator and a huge 160 amp alternator to keep her fully charged and ready to go.

Grab your chance to take a ride on the Mac Tools Cruiser at all of our Truckfest events in 2018!