Flying half way around the World from the Outback of Australia, tough television truckers Steve and Yogi join us at Truckfest Peterborough 2018! Fan favourite Ice Road Trucker Todd Dewey will also make a return to the Truckfest arena commentating on all our high octane action throughout the weekend!

Glen “Yogi” Kendall

One of the most popular characters, dedicated family man Yogi - is back (his nickname comes from his infectious laugh)! In Season 5 Yogi made a triumphant return. He and his wife Amanda and two kids, Jack and Lucinda, live in Katanning. It was Amanda’s idea that Yogi go it alone and become an owner/operator. She helps him run the business and goes out on the road with him when she can. Yogi’s skills as a driver were acknowledged last year when he was crowned the winner of the Scania Truck Driver Champion in the bi-annual test of skills and knowledge in a challenge to find the country’s best truck driver. He’s also a regular on the ABC regional radio programme called This Trucking Life.

Steve Grahame

Based in Perth, fans refer to Steve as ‘The Outback Legend’. With over 46 years driving trucks he is the most experienced of all the drivers featured. After surviving one of his most gruelling years on the road in Season 4, Steve came back for Season 5 of Outback Truckers – with a rebuilt shoulder, fixed truck and a renewed hunger for the open road - with new truck dog, Bella!