Truckfest Peterborough 2018 will see the addition of the Ghostbusters Vehicle in our Indoor Exhibition Hall.

The car is based on a 1959 Cadillac Miller Meteor Ambulance and boasts the following stats:

23 Feet Long

7 Feet 7 Wide

8 Feet 7 Inches High

Weighs 5 Tonnes

This vehicle has travelled all over the UK and was used to promote the 30th anniversary movie release. The car is a full movie prop all the lights work and it plays the soundtrack externally. These cars are very rare only a handful of cars still exist around the world.

Originally, the car was picked by Dan Ackroyd and the backroom guys to be the car featured in the film, based on it looking so wacky as a ambulance. They then added lights and props and the Ghostbusters car was born! During creation of the second film, more props were added on and more lights, when the vehicle was restored, the owners deliberately used both features of the two movie cars to give people the chance to see all the different props!

Catch the vehicle on show at Truckfest Peterborough 2018.